The Ah-Ha Moment

Pam Catlin

May 12, 2021

Pam Catlin started her journey in the career of horticultural therapy in 1976 in eastern Washington state.   Since then she has initiated and facilitated over 40 HT programs in Washington, Oregon, Illinois and Arizona.  In Illinois, Pam worked in Chicago Botanic Garden's Urban Horticulture Department as a horticultural therapist.    She has lived in Prescott, Arizona since 1991 serving primarily elders, those with memory loss and adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities in the capacities of employee as well as doing independent HT contract work. Since the late 1990's Pam has been on the faculty of the Horticultural Therapy Institute.   Retired from full time HT work, Pam continues to work part time as a distance HT internship supervisor.  Pam has served as a board member, a Strategic Area Manager (SAM) and on various committees with AHTA.

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